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'Mallets' at the Edinburgh Fringe

A project by: Felix firth


WE RAISED £4,467

from 33 donors

This project received pledges on Wed 29 May 2019
1 year, 1 month ago

Today is the 11th of June.

That means we are exactly one month away from our preview showing at Dorchester Arts and exactly two months away from our opening night at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We all just wanted to say a massive thank you again to all those that kindly donated. 

Your generosity has now provided us with a very real and a very solid foundation from which to leap. 

If we land on our feet or fall blindly into the abyss is another thing. 

That is up to us. 

All we can do is now beg journalists to review us, beg punters to watch us and beg you to have faith.

We will work hard. We will break a leg. And we can now because of you. 

Thank you.

1 year, 2 months ago

With five days left to go, I just wanted to say another big thank you to all those who’ve donated.

Believe me when I say: we simply could not do this without your help.  So thank you.  

With three months till showtime, we’re in full action mode trying to ensure a successful fringe.  

Do come check up on us on Twitter @EdFringeMallets and share with anyone who cares. 

It’s the encouragement of you all so far that makes it this such a joy.  

Donate and spread the love! Thank you.

1 year, 2 months ago

Thank you does not do justice to the kindest and support shown by so many over the past two weeks. I know I speak for myself and for everyone working on Mallets that the generosity we have seen has been truly breathtaking. I’m humbled. I’m honoured and now, I’m quite nervous.

With May rapidly slipping away we are soon approaching our D-day. Press releases are being drafted, posters are being reviewed, photoshoots are being shot and Instagram accounts being made. We’ve organised to do a preview in my home county of Dorset to face the music before heading up to the Fringe.

Our cast is set and ready to roll with the lovely Lola Byam-Shaw as 'Kate', the hilarious Harry Fredrickson as 'Sam' and the marvellous Merle Wheldon-Posner, stepping round to the other side of the table and starring as ‘Phillipa’.

Transport is being organised. Sets are being designed. Props are being pilfered and Mothers have been warned that their wardrobes will be ransacked. Thunderbirds are go.  

We have 13 days to reach our final target. These next 13 days will be crucial to our success. So please. If you haven’t already. Donate, like, share, spread the word. Every little bit really does help.