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Fantastic project. Happy to support giving survivors a voice on what matters most to them in future research.

Hi Angela. Thanks very much for your comment. Just to clarify, this isn’t a research project – rather an initiative to establish a 'Priority Setting Partnership' through the James Lind Alliance and allow as many survivors as possible to have a voice in the process. PSP’s are an official system to prioritise the 'top 10 research priorities' for specific issues, which are then recommended to government agencies and founding bodies for further work, such as the National Institute of Health Research. You can find out more about the James Lind Alliance here ( We’re familiar with the Voices of Survivors (VoS) project (, which received funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation. Two of my PSP colleagues, Cath White and Rabiya Majeed-Ariss, were VoS steering group members. What we’re trying to achieve is different from the fantastic work done by the VoS project and hopefully there will be an element of replication in areas of priority that the VoS project highlighted as important. Unlike the VoS project, the PSP is not only a Manchester project. The PSP will have representation from survivors, statutory services and non-statutory services at a national level from multiple regions. Moreover, the whole process will be overseen by a senior independent advisor by the James Lind Alliance. Also, our scope won’t be exclusively on women survivors – we’re also aiming to include male survivors and the voices of other groups that may be underrepresented in clinical research and services. We‘ll certainly be reaching out to the researchers of the VoS project to invite them to support this initiative. The project simply cannot take place without some funding to support the involvement activities of the PSP – it’s actually a standard component of the James Lind Alliance process. The members of our team are all donating their time, and we’ve received some welcome donations from our employers, but this isn’t enough to ensure that this project will take place. I’m really keen to have support from people like yourself and would love to talk with you about this in further detail if it’s of interest. With best wishes Filippo

Are you aware of research that took place in 2018 which gained an insight into what survivors found helpful on their recovery journey and what they need? The research (Voices of Survivors VoS) was a joint project between 3 third sector organisations that provide on the ground support to female survivors of sexual violence in Greater Manchester (Manchester Rape Crisis, Trafford Rape Crisis and Manchester Action on Street Health) and was overseen by MMU. The remit of the project involved; interviews and presentations to survivors and agencies throughout Greater Manchester that support victims of sexual violence and collating and analysing the feedback from over 300 adult survivors. The results of the project were published in September 2018. The project did not request donations from the public and was independent of any statuary organisation. The research that you are proposing appears to be a duplication of the above recent project. If you are repeating the research to include the voices of male survivors will you be (1) acknowledge the work of the original research (VoS) and (2) collaborate with agencies that solely support male survivors namely Survivors Manchester and Survivors UK.

Getting the ball rolling to raise funds for this important project.