Training Sustainable Engineering in Uganda

A project by: CEAS University of Manchester


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This project received pledges on Sun 08 Mar 2020
9 months ago


Now that the fundraising campaign is over, we are ecstatic that we have reached our goal of £2000. We really couldn’t have done it without the generosity of all our family, friends and colleagues. We are all extremely thankful for your continued support throughout our campaign, below we have written individual thanks messages to our related donors.


Thank you to all my family and friends who have donated, the support has been amazing, and we wouldn’t have been able to get the chance to take part in this trip of a life time if it wasn’t for all of you!!!

Thank you to, Yasmeen and Saiqa Suleman, Lizzie, Aunty Farah, Rizwanna, Chris, Kammy, Aunty Asma, Aunty Shariya, Aliaba, Umer, Raheema, Aneeka and Jamil.

A special thank you to Jamilla and Sohail for all the support throughout the fundraising, it really means a lot to me, and also a big shout out to Handsworth Auto Engineering for getting us to our final target.

Much love, Subra.


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this fundraising campaign a success. This has only been made possible with your selfless support and generous donations.

I also want to express my appreciation for the help and support of my friends and family, and my colleagues at Johnson Matthey; I am truly grateful. 

This will be a brilliant experience and we are determined to make the most of this incredible opportunity. 

Webale nnyo,

Ismaeel Ali 😊


I am super grateful for all generous donations throughout this campaign! Because of your generosity you have made this trip possible, which will be a great break for me at a very difficult time for my family. With a special thank you to those who have donated on my behalf 😊

Hereford Lions Club

Linda and Andrew Lamputt

Nathaniel Klopper

Jody and Elmer Jefferis

Phil and Carol Lang

Navneet Atwal

Jim Cratchley

Sophie Davidson

Neil Gladwyn

Yvain Walker

Andrew Davies

Daron and Kate Hodges

Alan Smith

Alan and Sylvia Hodges

Christina and Anthony Saville

Fleur xx


The support for this project has been unbelievable and the kindness & generosity of everyone has been outstanding. I can’t wait to be out there this summer alongside such great people to really help make a difference. Thank you to my friends and family for showing the most amazing support: so much to love to my mum & dad, Ayah & HL and all my friends: Aida, Emi, Lubna, Navneet – thank you thank you thank you! 

And a massive thank you to everybody that’s donated and helped us meet our target on time. No words can describe my appreciation. 

Lots of love,

Zainab xx

Since the campaign ends on Sunday, donations will be leaving your bank account on Monday 9th March. This transaction may be described in a few different ways. It may include Manchester, Hubbub, The University of Manchester, or something else entirely. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to email the crowdfunding team ( If you have any queries for us as a team, please email us at

Thank you all once again for your generosity,

Fleur, Ismaeel, Zainab and Subra X

9 months ago

Thank you again!

With less than a week to go we are in the final stretch to reach our £2000 target, please continue to share our page and raise awareness of the work we will be doing in Uganda. Donations will be accepted up until Midnight on Sunday so please don’t forget to donate if you haven’t already! Reaching our target will allow us to have a larger impact when training students in sustainable engineering. Any additional funds raised will improve the scope of our workshops and allow for additional training resources.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to those who have donated over the last week, without your support our project would not be possible.

Umair ali

Adrian Garley

Kookab Qureshi

Saiqa Suleman

Nathaniel Klopper

Rizwana Khalid

Paul Foran

Phil J

James Penswick

Hamera Khaliq

Justin Leary

Anneka Khan

Saba Yafai

Christian Grabowski

If you have any queries or just want to speak to one of us drop us a message on our facebook page 😊

Best Regards,


9 months, 2 weeks ago


Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this far, the support has been amazing. We have reached 79% of our £2000 target which is great, with only two weeks left its time for the final push. Please don’t forget to keep sharing this page with family and friends.

We would like to give a special mention to Ayah Abbass and Yvain Walker for their recent donations.

Many Thanks

Subra X

9 months, 3 weeks ago

thanks again!

A huge thank you to our most recent supporters: Hereford Lions Club, Margaret Hardstone, Shariya, Sonia, Neil Gladwyn , Sonia Shukat, Saqia Suleman, Yasmeen Suleman, Jody and Elmer Jefferis.

Your kind donations are making our trip happen! We have now reached 75% of our £2000 target with only 3.5 weeks to go we are entering the final push to reach that £2000 target, so please continue to spread the word and generate support.

Thanks Again


10 months ago


Once again we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone supporting us and for their generous donations, we have now exceeded the £1000 mark which is a great success.

A huge thank you to those that have donated over the past few days, this includes: Shazia Aslam, Kamron, Asma, Sohail Choudry, Lubna Al Harthy, Phil and Carol Lang, Christine Baker, Anita Banjeri, Linda and Andrew Lamputt, Umer Hamid and Aida Noei.

With our deadline just over a month away we are determined to reach our £2000 and are grateful of any support we can get.


10 months, 1 week ago

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations, we are nearly halfway there 🎉! Your support is invaluable to us.

Please remember to continually share this page with friends and family so we can spread the world about this amazing project!



10 months, 1 week ago

Many thanks to all of our generous supporters that we have gained over the last week, your donations are making our trip come to life.

With special thanks to: Alan and Sylvia Hodges (also Christina and Anthony Saville), Kathleen Mason, Alan Smith, Jamil Choudry, Jamilla Choudry, Andrew and Angela Davies, Jim Cratchley, Sofia Ali, Sophie Davidson, Haris Ali, Ahmed Magdy, Zona Malik and Navneet Atwal. Without your kind donations our trip will not be possible.

Our minimum funding target of £1000 is close approaching, now we are striving to exceed this, to allow us to provide the most valuable training whilst in Uganda.

Many thanks, Fleur

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Daron, Samina and Imtiaz for their generous donations so far. Their generosity has got our fundraising off to a great start.  

However, we still need further support, we are grateful of any donations received, but we also understand not all can donate. Even sharing the page and passing the message on can lead to greater awareness and support. So please help in any way that you can.

Many Thanks

Fleur Hodges