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This project received pledges on Sat 20 Jul 2019
1 year ago

Last month, the Nanomedicine Lab shared their research and our expedition with the local community at the University of Manchester Community Festival! We had some great discussions about science and the environment with hundreds of local families.

1 year ago

We hit our minimum target, the expedition goes ahead!! We want to express our sincere gratitude to ALL our wonderful friends, family, colleagues, and amazing strangers for their help in getting us to our minimum donation target, and funding one full expedition!

We would also like to thank our extremely generous sponsors for getting us to our target, Acronis International and Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

1 year ago

Well done to our 20 runners who sacrificed their Saturday morning lie-in to run 5km this Saturday past, to raise awareness and funds for the expedition! The team ran as part of the South manchester Parkrun at Platt Fields Park, so a big Thank You to the volunteers at Parkrun for making us feel so welcome!

We had some first time runners as well as an experienced marathoner, and everything in between, so congratulations to everyone for getting across that finish line! Our collective distance of 100km is the distance one whale can swim in a single day, so I think we all have a much better appreciation of the daily life of these animals even without external stress such as ships and plastic to dodge!

1 year ago

Another update on our amazing fundraisers! Ahmed, the son of one of our researchers, held a Bake Sale with his friends at their school, Parrs Wood High School, Manchester. Together, they were sold out in 15 minutes and raised over £60 towards our scientific expedition! A HUGE thank you to Ahmed and his friends, and to their school for hosting the Bake Sale. 

1 year, 1 month ago

With a little over two weeks to go, the Nanomedicine lab have run another fundraising and information raising event at the University of Manchester! We hosted an International Lunch, where our lab members brought dishes from their home countries, and invited colleagues from surrounding buildings to buy a plate of food. We had more than 19 dishes from over 10 countries, and we had some amazing interactions with people working in the building.

Through this, we raised over £200! Thanks again to everyone who was involved in this and other events over the last months!

1 year, 1 month ago

To all our AMAZING sponsors so far, here's a little update!

We've been really busy in the lab planning and organising activities to raise awareness and collect donations for the NanoWhales expeditions!

As a kick-off event on 4th June, Nanomedicine Lab members held a bake sale at the University of Manchester, where they raised almost £300 in one afternoon!

At the University of Manchester Community Festival on 15th June we had games for children around understanding where your plastic waste goes, and we started an art piece which we hope to unveil soon!

We have even more exciting events coming up soon, so keep an eye on our Instagram Page @ NanoWhale and on Twitter @HugTheWhales

Last but not least, Thank You all for your donations and support, we are a quarter of the way to our minimum goal, and we are working hard to make this research expedition happen!